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What is Void Foam Concrete?

Void Foam Concrete is a versatile, lightweight fill material. Air bubbles entrained in the concrete lowers its density and increases fluidity along with many other performance, time and cost advantages over traditional construction fill materials.

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Why Void Concrete

An advanced solution to construction void fill

Void Foam Concrete offers a great solution for construction cost cutting with a technically sound, lightweight, and sustainable fill material.

Using Void Foam Concrete will help you:

- Reduce time = better utilised and safer workforce
  Large and small amounts can be placed quickly whilst reducing/eliminating risk on unsafe,
  limited or inaccessible voids

- Reduce workforce costs
  Void concrete can supply and place the foam concrete quickly using tight quality control
  and due to its self-compacting nature will therefore reduce the cost your labour

- Reduce equipment costs
  No vibration or levelling equipment is required with Void Foam Concrete
- Improve your organisations sustainability credentials
  Void Concrete contain cement substitutes which are a by-product of industry and are
  committed to further improve our performance in this area

- Significant reduction in cost to you!
  By reducing the highest cost component - Cement!

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Applications for Void Foam Concrete

Highly versatile void fill material

- Redundant Voids eg.Tunnels, Subways, Culverts, Mine Shafts, Pipelines, Sewers,
  Fuel Tanks, Cellars.

- Ground Stabilisation eg. Embankments, building on soft ground, voids which
  threaten subsidence.

- Bridge Strengthening, Bridge Abutments, Ducts
- Roof Levelling & Insulation
- Floor Levelling & Insulation for Non Structural Internal walls
- Road & Pavement Sub-Bases, Trench Reinstatemen.

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New Sustainable Void Foam Concrete

Void Foam Concrete is low density, self-levelling concrete for mass void fill with significant benefits over traditional granular fill materials.

Sustainable mixes produce highly favourable results in terms of:

- Performance
  little adverse effect on density and strength, in fact, higher final concrete
  strengths have been achieved

- Reduction of carbon loadings
  especially in the ability to substitute high percentages of GGBS
- Significant reduction in cost!
  by reducing the highest cost component – Cement
- Enhances the long-term durability
  in terms of resistance to chloride attack, sulphate attack
  and alkali-silica reaction

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Plus many other areas in which void foam concrete can assist. If you require more details on void concrete specifications or need to contact one specialists advisers click here.

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